Holy Trinity Church History

Ht First Church

The first Mass in Cherry was celebrated in 1904 by Fr. John W. Cummings of Arlington in Ryan's Hall. Later that same year Fr. Ambrose, O.S.B., of Ladd took charge and offered Mass in the same hall. In 1905, Fr. Vitus, O.S.B., supervised the building of a white frame church on the west edge of town.

A severe windstorm twisted the church shortly after its completion, and before repairs could be made a second storm caused further damage.During this period Mass was celebrated in the school basement. Fr. Wencel Scholar, O.S.B., was pastor at the time of the Cherry mine disaster. During the pastorate of Fr. Andrew Miller, O.S.B., this church was destroyed by fire on August 15, 1919. Plans were made immediately to erect a new church on Main Street, and in the meantime, Mass on Sundays was offered in the Ferme and Raben buildings on Main Street.

The new brick church was dedicated by Bishop E. M. Dunne in September 1923. During the illness of Fr. Andrew, Fr. Charles Rodemeyer, O.S.B., was in charge of the parish. Succeeding Fr. Andrew was Fr. Walsh, O.S.B.

Fr. Aloysius Sharkey, O.S.B., was the next pastor. During the years since its founding, Holy Trinity Parish had been a mission of St. Benedict's, Ladd, but when Fr. Fred Winchell, O.S.B., became pastor the parish became independent. Two buildings were remodeled into Holy Trinity Hall, and a few years later an organ was installed in the church.

Fr. Casimir Miller, O.S.B., the first resident pastor, was followed by Fr. Joseph Brons, O.S.B., and Fr. Michael Callahan, O.S.B.

Fr. Anthony Wehrmann was appointed in May 1946. The rectory adjoining the church was built in 1956, along with the garage and sacristy, with the help of parishioners. Total cost was $26,145.00.

Fr. Wehrmann died in November 1963, and Fr. John Fitzgerald, O.S.B., was named to succeed him. While Fr. Fitzgerald was pastor a 12-foot extension and entire new front were built on the church. This 1965 addition included two main entrances, a baptistry, a confessional and a new choir loft.

In 1968 extensive work was done on the sanctuary to bring the furnishings up to the requirements of the new liturgy.

In August of 1968, Fr. Fitzgerald was succeeded by Fr. Joseph Heyd, O.S.B., but in December 1968, Fr. Fitzgerald was again appointed to the pastorate.

In 1972, a new parish hall was built to house social functions and the CCD program. Fr. Fitzgerald was succeeded by Fr. Norbert Tibesar, O.S.B., in 1974. During Fr. Tibesar's pastorate, the church has been redecorated and new roofs have been put on the church and rectory. (History from Catholic Post supplement - August 30, 1987)