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This Week's Mass Intentions

HT - Holy Trinity (Cherry),  SP - St. Patrick (Arlington),  STM - St. Thomas More (Dalzell)


9/18   -  STM - Saturday 4pm Facebook Mass - †  Dec member of Cattani Family

9/19      -  HT - Sunday 9am WebMass/Facebook Mass - † Joyce Hoscheid

                SP - Sunday 10:30am - † Monica Dwyer

                STM- Sunday 5:00pm -  For The Parishioners

9/20    -   Monday No Mass

9/21   -  STM - Tuesday 9:00am  - Purgatorial Society

9/22     -  HT - Wednesday 5:30pm WebMass/Facebook Mass/Rosary - † Connie Lauer

9/23    -  HT - Thursday 9:00am WebMass/Facebook Mass - Sr. Marie Martin

9/24   -    STM - Friday 9:00am -   † Audrey Sebben

9/25   -  STM - Saturday 4:00pm  - † Alan Hahn

9/26  -  HT - Sunday 8:30am Mass Webmass/Facebook - †  Ron Floroplus

                   SP - Sunday 10:30am Mass - † Laurence Fonderoli

                   STM- Sunday 5:00pm Mass - For The Parishioners




Holy Trinity Mass Online

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St. Thomas More - Saturday 4PM & Sunday 5pm

        Tuesday & Friday 9AM       

Holy Trinity - Sunday 8:30AM 

        Wednesday 5:30pm (Rosary Following Mass)

        & Thursday 9AM 

St. Patrick - Sunday 10:30AM


St. Thomas More Adoration Room

(Limit 2 Individuals or 1 Family At A Time)

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