The Week's Bulletin Highlights

Current News

                                                                          Our Limited Church Reopening

             We have two churches being used for Masses presently on the weekends but all three for Masses during the week.  The occupancy for the three is as follows: St. Thomas More (Dalzell) - 40, Holy Trinity (Cherry) - 30 and St. Patrick (Arlington) - 45.

             For weekends, it is best to sign up for a place to sit in social distancing seating through our website. During the weekdays, it is helpful but if you forget to signup or call in, there is plenty of seating so just come.  At St. Thomas More, come through the front door of the church. At Holy Trinity, come through the doors on the parking lot side of the church. And at St. Patrick, come through the front doors unless there is a physical impairment then use side door.

            Please remember, masks are to be worn during Mass, except when receiving Holy Communion, and then when leaving the Church. There are arrows in the aisles for the flow of people traffic during Holy Communion. And Holy Communion will be offered after the Final Blessing at each Mass. And we have been asked to not congregate in Church after Mass or in the parking lot. (And yes I know this is one of joys of coming to Holy Mass!)

           Currently, we are using St. Patrick Church on the next three Sundays for the Sacrament of Confirmation at 3pm. After we are finished, we will reopen for a weekend Mass.

           St. Thomas More confessions  will be in the hall going forward. There is a kneeler in the corner of the hall closest to burn pit outside hall.     It is setup for face to face or behind the screen. The kneeler or chair will be sanitized in between penitents. Please wear a mask!  Please enter through the adoration room vestibule door. Thank you! (Bulletin 9/13/20)

                                                                                   This Week’s Update


           I would like to mention first why I share the messages from Heaven frequently. The messages that are given are meant to be shared. While they are private revelation, they are meant for people to hear them to adjust their lives to live more in union with Christ today. The messages always end with these words or similar, “share this message with everyone.” People living according to them are more in union with Christ than many of those who don’t. It does seem that there are more and more people coming out with messages. Many I don’t trust! The ones I do trust have proven to be true by what is in them coming to fruition.

          Yes these messages now are getting scarier. However, I would much rather be prepared than not for the challenges that are not far off to affect us. So as soon as we have confirmed all the young men and women, I will be starting my look at the Holiness Code. This seems more appropriate as we approach the “Illumination of Conscience” coming very soon. We need to know the expectations of us by God to know where we are wrong in our lives and make the necessary changes.

          If you haven’t picked up a current missalette, we have at the church for you. Just come to Mass, drive-up communion, or the office, and we will get one to you

         This weekend we celebrate the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The message this week is that until we stand before Christ it is never too late to live our faith. We all have family who in some way or another don’t live their faith. Now is the time for us to encourage them, save souls! (Bulletin 9/20/20)

                                                                                       Last Week's Update

          This weekend we are celebrating First Communion with some wonderful boys and girls as they receive Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist. Also we are confirming 13 of 39 young men and women for our first group to be confirmed over the next three weekends. With the virus, it has been hard to work out celebrating these sacraments. Now seemed like a good time to take care of these sacraments to fulfill this need.

           Also St. Thomas More is beginning this week to make ravs. They developed a plan to social distance in the hall for their safety in making the ravs. However, they are over 200 lbs. behind as they start up. God bless them for what they do to help St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

          According to the Covid guidelines, we are unable to keep the missalettes in the pews for Mass. So what we are doing is handing out the missalettes to be kept in your possession and bring with you when you come to Mass or watch it online. We have some at the entrances of the churches if you haven’t gotten one yet.

         This weekend we celebrate the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The theme of this past week was hypocrisy and forgiveness but also being forgiving. This is one of our greatest challenges as human beings to let go of things done against us. And this is why we pray for forgiveness and our ability to forgive others in the “Our Father”. So we have to ask ourselves this question: if we believe that God forgives us, why can’t we forgive others? May God always protect and be with us! (Bulletin 9/13/20)