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                                                                               The Month Of All Souls

             We have two churches being used for Masses presently on the weekends but all three for Masses during the week.  The occupancy for the three is as follows: St. Thomas More (Dalzell) - 40, Holy Trinity (Cherry) - 30 and St. Patrick (Arlington) - 45.

             For weekends, it is best to sign up for a place to sit in social distancing seating through our website. During the weekdays, it is helpful but if you forget to signup or call in, there is plenty of seating so just come.  At St. Thomas More, come through the front door of the church. At Holy Trinity, come through the doors on the parking lot side of the church. And at St. Patrick, come through the front doors unless there is a physical impairment then use side door.

            Please remember, masks are to be worn during Mass, except when receiving Holy Communion, and then when leaving the Church. And Holy Communion will be offered after the Final Blessing at each Mass with a larger congregation. During Daily Masses, Holy Communion will be at the proper time. And we have been asked to not congregate in Church after Mass or in the parking lot. (And yes I know this is one of joys of coming to Holy Mass!)

            St. Thomas More confessions will be in the hall going forward. There is a kneeler in the corner of the hall closest to burn pit outside hall. It is setup for face to face or behind the screen. The kneeler or chair will be sanitized in between penitents. Please wear a mask!  Please enter through the adoration room vestibule door. Thank you! (Bulletin 9/27/20)



           While we are into the month after the month of the Holy Rosary, we still have a great need to pray the Holy Rosary! This month we should pray for the souls in purgatory to be released into Heaven! We can pray for a relief from the evil that is everywhere in the world today! Praying the rosary every day is especially important for all of us. And you don’t need to be Catholic to pray the rosary!

           Still, the news out of Heaven continues to remind us to be prepared for events that will lead to much death in the world. Even things that will keep many souls from Heaven. So what can we do? First of all, PRAY and PRAY the Rosary as often as possible.

           If we go back to the time of the Passover, Jews were told to put lambs blood on the door jambs to escape the angel of death. Today, we have been given Exorcised Water and Salt. All we need to do is pray the prayers for protection of homes along with using Exorcised Salt and Water in the prescribed prayers which are available in the back of the church or by the doors of the church.  But the prayers need to be prayed from the heart and not just read. Our Heavenly Father wants to feel our sincere desire for our homes to be protected. And He will help us.

          The Exorcised Water and Salt is available in two places: St. Patrick and St. Thomas More halls after Masses. For the water, a clean sprayer that can shoot a tight stream would be best to spray around doorways, windows or other openings (like vents) to outside the home. The salt is in little baggies which should be sufficient to use for the prayers. On the four corners of your land.

          The Crucifixes are on order and should be here between Wednesday and Friday of next week. Thanks and your orders help the Christians in the Holy Land too! (Bulletin 11/8/20)

                                                                                 Special Congratulations

           After 6 months of waiting, we finally have 7 new First Communicants from our three churches. So congratulations to:

Teagan Bazydlo

Izan Bradley

Carlos Figueroa

Logan Gray

Nolan Mzoughi

Brookelynn Raef

Mia Walker

             We pray that they will always be nourished by the bread of life until they reach Heaven!

             Also we had 36 new young men and women receive the last of the Sacraments of Initiation: namely Confirmation as they were sealed by the gift of the Holy Spirit. They are:

Geno Baracani                        Luke Bogatitus

John Boyle                              Mark Cissell

Dominic Colby                        Taylor Coutts

Aidan Dempsey                       Anthony Fiocchi

Dominic Fonderoli                   Gianni Guerrini

Nathan Harrison                      Tyler Harrison

Morgan Hoscheid                    Kathleen Hunter

Jack Jablonski                         Lila Kirkman

Adam Lane                              Brycen Leffelman

Callie Mertes                            Ariella Mudge

Noah Mzoughi                          Luke Orlandi

Alivia Pinter                              Hunter Pozzi

Katie Pyszka                            Ella Raef   

Ty Reeder                                Analia Salas

Ryan Slingsby                         Bryce Smith

Brayden Spayer                      Gage Szymovicz

Brandon Tornow                      Hannah Vanaman

Devin Zborowski                     Hannah Zera          

             Congratulations to all for your time spent learning how the Holy Spirit will help you all through your life!

             And thank you to all the parents for raising your children in the faith, a promise that was made at their baptism!

This Week’s Update

            This week we near the end of this liturgical year and also the beginning of Advent. I have made up the confession schedule for Advent but it all could go out the window. That is if we have The Warning or the Illumination of Conscience, I will increase the confession schedule to hear more confessions daily as we near the next major spiritual event six weeks later.

             As we near Advent, it is a great time to put away old bad habits and increase our holiness because of our love of God. As we can see by the corruption of the media and the voting system this year, the devil is making his last push to be the ruler of our souls. And Jesus is pushing back. And as we all know through Sacred Scripture, Jesus WILL beat the devil. But we have to be very careful to do things which will always help our soul through our spirituality. It is always up to us by our own free will to know what the church teaches and live good holy  lives!

            This weekend we hear the parable of the talents. We are reminded that we have been given talents by God to use on His behalf. So what have we done with them? We have so many wonderful people with our three churches. Many have been great with giving their time and talent to keep our churches going! Whether it be from fixing church bathrooms, landscaping, cleaning the church, painting, there are many things that God sees being done as a gift to our churches He is keeping track of. These will lead to a great reward in heaven. So be holy, stay close to Christ, we need Him now more than ever! (Bulletin 11/15/20)

                                                                                       Last Week's Update

           While we are waiting for the election to be concluded, the battle between good and evil continues in the world. We have the great battle between the New World Order and God’s Order. We have the battle between communism and capitalism. Hopefully all of us are on the right side with God! If we aren’t on God’s side, our soul will never make it into Heaven. And God is watching each of us very closely!

           From everything I have been reading that God, Jesus, Mary and St. Michael have been saying, once the election is settled our troubles will be beginning. And it is only because the devil hates to lose! And the devil wants to create as much havoc before God ends the devil’s existence in the world. And we need to always remember before Jesus returns for His Second Coming, the devil will be history.

           So as we hear the Gospel this weekend about the parable of the ten virgins and their lamps, will we be the foolish ones or the wise ones? The oil we add to the lamps is by living a holy life, especially a humble and respectful life for God.

           What we really need to remember is the time we spend today praying and defending God in the world will carry over to help us into  Heaven. It puts oil in the lamps! If we do absolutely nothing more than going to church on the weekend, we may very likely find Heaven very difficult to enter.  We just have to be willing to make sacrifices in this world for the joys of Heaven. So be holy, stay close to Christ, we need Him now more than ever! (Bulletin 11/8/20)