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During Easter

St. Thomas More Ravs


               A BIG Thank You is in order for the Rav Twisters for their contribution to keep St. Thomas More Church financially stable. Everyone has enjoyed the tasty ravs  but now it is time for the Rav Twisters to rehabilitate their fingers! And enjoy the summer!

              Thank you to everyone who supported the St. Thomas More Church through the purchase of the ravs!

Post Easter Events

              After the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection, it will be time for First Communion for several of our young Catholics. But before they receive their First Communion, they will make their First Confession. Jesus laid down the importance of confessing our sins, when on Good Friday the sole purpose of His death on the Cross, was to take away our sins. Being in a state of grace is of great importance for us. So we can receive the full effects of Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity.

             The First Confessions will be at St. Thomas More on Saturday, April 17th at 10:30AM. And the First Communion Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, April 25th at Holy Trinity’s 9AM Mass.

Collection Envelopes

              Also we still have many envelope boxes in our office. If you haven’t received yours yet, please let us know how we can get them to you! We can get them to any of the three churches for you to pick them up. Thank you!


             On this Third Sunday of Easter, we are asked to believe in what the Sacred Scriptures have told us about Jesus’ great offer of salvation through our belief and trust in Him. As we know through St. Thomas’ example, it is hard to believe in what we don’t see. 

             Yet, throughout history, people who have prayed for help in difficult, seemingly hopeless situations and have received that help, believe in Jesus because of the relief He brought them. We will in the days ahead need to rely on our faith in God to handle the situations put before us. The big question is will we?

             As the Apostles were preparing themselves, through Christ, to go out and bring Jesus to new believers. We are, and have always been, challenged with the same thing today. In fact, when we bring someone to a belief in Christ we help ourselves in saving our own soul.

             There are more questionable things going on in the Church today, teachings of the Church have been twisted to fit the world today, none of which are acceptable. We need to know what the Church teaches and we need to know the Bible to know God and Jesus and how they work in the world. Most of all, we need to believe in God and Jesus more than what men of this world tell us. It is up to each one of us! Continue to have a Blessed and Happy Easter!