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Where We Are With Churches Reopening

             Our first requirement to reopening the churches was to have some volunteers to help to ensure we adhered to social distancing guidelines. As of now, we have 3 to help at St. Thomas More and at least 2 at Holy Trinity. And, as of now we have one at St. Patrick’s. The volunteers also have been asked to be 65 or under and not have any health conditions. It would be great if we could have at least 2 people at each Mass.

             Again, if anybody can help with this need, please let the office know so we can send a link to you to watch an instructional video. After this we can be certified to re-open.

             At this time we still don’t have approval for 50% occupancy in our churches. The increase in infections probably slowed that process down.

            Even when we do reopen, the dispensation from attending Mass will still be in place for the older generation and those with health conditions.

            When we do return to the churches for Masses and people attending them, we will be just going to one Mass at each church. Right now, the plan is to have the 4PM Mass at St. Thomas More, the 9AM at Holy Trinity and,  eventually, an 11AM at St. Patrick. So far of the churches in our area that have opened, attendance has been way down and understandably. The return of the Last Chance Mass will come when needed! In the meantime, Father is doing a 6PM Last Chance Holy Communion in the St. Thomas More parking lot in Dalzell. Thank you!

            Our Masses can be watched on our website or on the Facebook page “Bureau Catholic Churches”. (Bulletin 7/26/20)


This Week’s Update

           We submitted the paperwork last week to allow 10 people back into church at Holy Trinity. And hopefully we will have the paperwork in Tuesday to get 10 people into St. Thomas More church. Then, by the end of the week, we should have the paperwork in to have 10 people back into St. Patrick church. The 10 people is the limit of phase 1 of the re-opening. Then we will start on getting phase 2 approval for seating up to 25 people. Also we hope to have the adoration room at St. Thomas More open by this next weekend. It will be limited to 2 people or members of one family at a time per hour in the room. The seating has been adjusted for social distancing. The use of the adoration room and, when we are able, the seating at Mass will be available by reservation through a website with a link on our website homepage or by calling the office.

          As we celebrate the 18th week of Ordinary Time, we are reminded that Jesus is always giving Himself to us. We receive Him in the Gospel at every Mass when we hear Jesus speaking to us, when we pray together, and, in a very special way, through our reception of the Holy Eucharist during Mass, (or today at the distribution of Holy Communion after Mass). We hear another connection this week of Jesus and water. We need water to live in this world and we need our relationship with Jesus to live in Heaven in our next life. Both are essential to our lives.

         PLEASE KEEP PRAYING HARD, stash some food for when our food supply will be interrupted. May God always protect us and be with us!  (Bulletin 8/1/20)